How to use Titanium Backup with Android Nougat

So after I opted-in for Android N beta on my Nexus 6 device, I have experienced quite some lag and crashes. I belive that this has come from multiple OTA upgrade, Root and custom kernels. I decided that i wanted to try factory resetting the device, in hope of better performance. Before doing i factory reset i wanted to backup all my apps which I normally do with Titanium Backup (TiBu). This proved more challenging than first expected. Due to Selinux changes in Android N, TiBu will not work when running with Selinux “Enforcing”. Trying to change Selinux to “Permissive”

adb shell
stop logd
setenforce 0

While still in the adb shell you can type getenforce which will return “Permissive” if you have changed Selinux. Note that you will go back to “Enforcing” when rebooting the device. Afterwards I was able to do a full backup with TiBu before factory resetting my device, which by the way helped performance alot on the phone.

I came across this fix on a XDA-thread, and thought i would share. Here is the link to the post made by user bouchigo.

I hope you find this post useful.